From Complexity to Clarity:
Simplifying Dental Implant Recognition


Why Register a
Dental Implant?

Since prevention is part of everyday life, shouldn’t prevention apply to implant dentistry?

    Dental Implants are an expensive lifelong investment where maintenance and further treatment will be required. Implant systems launch into the market and many become obsolete.

    Just as medical records are legally accessible by patients on patient portals; so should dental implants. At id2, we envision a future where every patient has immediate access to their dental implant information for their assurance of continuity of care. This should be the standard of care and presented in every implant consultation.

    “True prevention is not waiting for bad things to happen, it’s preventing things from happening in the first place”
    Don McPherson



In this day and age, patient medical information is imperative to have in their own possession. I believe this should be the standard of care moving forward.
Andrea Rad, D.M.D.,M.Sc., M.M.Sc.,


If a patient has a problem, switches dentist, relocates to another city or country, the information is always at the patient and treating dentist's fingertips.
Sergio Rubinstein, DDS


With the id2 patient portal, I can now track my patients' implants and restorative componenets in a user friendly and easily shareable platform.
Kimberly Schlam, D.M.D., MS


A brilliant patient portal that is easy to use and very affordable. No more guess work and unnecessary waste of time and money to figure out what type of implant the patient has.
Nadim Z. Baba, D.M.D., MSD, FACP


As a dental implant patient, of all the things that could be included in my dental bill, this is one I would have welcomed. Now I can always have this important information close at hand.
Keturah A. (patient)


With the continuous increase in the number of implants on the market, it is nearly impossible to identify what you are dealing with when treating new patients who had implant work done in another state or internationally. id2 patient portal is the answer.
Robert del Castillo, D.M.D., PA


As a mother with a daughter who has an implant, registering her dental implant info into the patient portal was a decision that brought immense peace of mind to both of us......knowing she can receive prompt care if needed without relying on me.
Nicole Pruitt, D.M.D.


The registration process is extremely easy and beneficial to the entire dental community and patients. Time is precious. Don't waste it. Just start using the registry like we are.
Tony Daher, D.D.S., MSEd


Nothing is more frustrating and costly to both clinicians and patients managing repairs without detailed information for each implant and abutment supporting a prosthesis. id2 saves yourself and your patients time and money.
Arnold Rosen, DDS


The id2 patient portal will take away a lot of the apprehensions we have when we go to the office. The pateint can access the information on a secure website and share it with dental professionals.
Joseph J. Massad, DDS


Patient moves, doctor retirements and transitions, destruction of records and the general passage of time, all tend to erase these (implant) details. If a patient could direct us into a secure id2 file containing the information we need, problem solved.
Charles Mastrovich, DDS, APC


id2 offers an indispensable digital acrhive of dental implant information specific to all my past, current, and future patients. id2 is a must for any clinician involved in implant dentistry.
Jose Cortes Botello, DDS


Patients move, providers change, and implant companies come and go over time. id2 patient portal will take away the guesswork, the extra labor and cost needed to efficiently and accurately deliver treatment.
Tony Chammas, D.M.D.


I'm a patient with two implants and having access to the id2 portal is awesome! Being able to share this information with my new dentist eliminated the implant guessing game, allowing him to quickly move forward with the new treatment plan.
Shannon D. (patient)


I have treated many patients who have experienced implant complications, needing new treatment plan or a replacement of an abutment screw. One critical part of the treatment is know what implant system I am dealing with.
Gary Krueger, D.D.S.


Having practiced OMS for over 4 decades and having placed multiple types/brands of implant systems, it is gratifying to finally see a dental implant registry become available to the dental profession.
William S. Bate, D.M.D.,A.P.C.

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Empowering patients with the information needed to help a dentist treat implant complications ANYWHERE in the world.

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Failure to identify the brand and size of the implant can result in unnecessary expenses, time delays, prolonged resolution, and patient discomfort.

Implant Complications?

The id2 patient portal allows you to share the brand and size specifics of a dental implant immediately to your patient and other providers.

Share Your Registry

Ensuring the accurate identification of a patient's implant is crucial for ordering the proper instrumentation and components, facilitating efficient treatment of the complication.

Repair the Complication

A speedy resolution empowers patients to swiftly resume their enjoyment of life.

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