Frequently Asked Questions

Why Dental Professionals & Patients should register their implant information on id2:

1.Efficient and Accurate Care: Registering implant information allows dental professionals to access important details about a patient's implant, and enables dental professionals to deliver a more efficient and accurate care, reducing the risk of errors, complications, and unnecessary delays.

2.Emergency Situations: In emergency situations, quick access to a patient’s dental information is critical. Dental professionals can promptly retrieve exact implant details, enabling them to make informed decisions about treatment options and provide appropriate care.

3.Continuity of Care: When patients change dental professionals, the information can be easily passed on to the next provider.

4.Patient Empowerment: Patients can actively participate in their own dental treatment. They can review their implant details, and allow for effective communication with dental professionals about their goals. This involvement leads to better outcomes, increases patient satisfaction, and provides a sense of control over their own treatment journey.

Added Benefits you need to ensure you and your patient are empowered for a lifetime:

Easy to use patient portal

+550 manufacturers, +3,850 models, +10,300 diameters and growing

+35 countries of origin

Interactive tooth/implant chart

HIPAA compliant / secure server

Detailed patient profile

Printable patient report w/ implant data

Desktop and Mobile friendly 24/7

Why can’t my dental professional identify the brand of implant.

Implants have been around for more than 45 years with multiple obsolete systems, current systems, and new systems added to the global market every year. Younger dental professionals have not been exposed to systems used over a decade ago or more. Even seasoned dental professionals struggle to identify implants in today’s crowded implant market. Relying on a 3rd party to “guess” on what manufacturer and brand is an inadequate approach to treating complications accurately and in a timely fashion.

Is my information secure?

Yes, id2 complies with HIPAA measures to secure everyone’s information. The personal data is encrypted and password protected on servers healthcare and financial institutions rely upon. id2 stays abreast of the latest security measures to ensure full protection and will adopt new technologies to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care.

Who has access to my information?

Your personal information is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality. Access to your data is restricted to essential personnel involved in ensuring the quality and accuracy of our services. Additionally, authorized medical professionals may access your information as necessary to provide you with the best possible care. Rest assured that we prioritize the privacy and security of your personal information.

Why would I choose id2 as my preferred registry?

id2 prides itself on being an open partner with any and all implant companies. We are patient centric and implant neutral and we strive to empower patients with the information needed to help a dentist treat implant complications ANYWHERE in the world.

What does registering provide me?

A lifetime of access to your detailed dental implant information, input additional implants as needed, and quickly be treated as complications arise.

What if I need to add another implant?

Easy. Update the patient file within the portal by clicking on the "Add Another Implant" button. This will take you back to the tooth chart. Select a new tooth to register another implant.

I’m a patient and want to register my implant(s). How should I get my implant information if I do not presently have it? 3 Easy Steps

Contact the dental professional(s) who treated your implant and get the following information:
A.) Ask them to provide the tooth number, manufacturer, brand name and the diameter of the implants placed.
B.) Request the office email you any x-rays of the implant(s).
C.) Upon receiving the data, log-in and start registering your information for a lifetime of access.

How much is the registration fee?

An Individual one-time investment of $45. Different plans are available for dental professionals who want to purchase bulk registrations.

I registered but cannot find the verification email that was sent to me.

Step 1: Search your inbox or spam/junk folder for an email from
Step 2: Click the "Get Started" button within the email.
Step 3: If still unable to locate the verification email, click Forgot Password for another email to be sent.

For additional questions, please contact us at: or 877-313-2345 and we will be happy to answer your questions.